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Having A Tooth Pulled in Indianapolis

From time to time, teeth require extractions due to factors affecting the oral health of our patients. It may be because of pain, lack of dental care, or are having problems with your wisdom teeth. Although Dr. Held suggests restoring your natural teeth when at all possible, dental extractions may be needed for conditions and therapies such as:

  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Teeth that have fractured near the gumline
  • Orthodontic therapy
  • Impacted teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Dentures or dental implants


Comfort Options

We understand that you may feel nervous about discomfort that you could feel during your dental extraction. Your comfort is very important to us. All extractions are completed using local anesthesia to numb the entire area of your mouth being treated so that you won’t feel a thing. Nitrous oxide is another excellent way to relax during your procedure and can be added onto your visit upon request. Or, if you would prefer to only be semi-conscious during the procedure,  oral sedation is also available for a deeper relaxed state.

Post-Op Care

Taking care of your extraction site will improve your healing process and comfort once you return home. Otherwise an uncomfortable condition known as a “dry socket” could develop. We highly advise against drinking carbonated beverages, smoking, or drinking through a straw during the first day or two after your surgery. Rinsing with warm salt water is adequate for removing food or debris around your extraction site while also reducing any risk of swelling. About a week after your extraction, Dr. Held will see you for a follow up visit to ensure that your extraction site is healing properly.

For more information about our extraction options or to find out if you need to have a tooth removed, schedule an exam with Dr. Held today.



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