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As we age, drink those two cups of coffee each day, or smoke – our teeth naturally begin to darken over time. We wake up one day and see a smile that is darker and more yellow than it was when we were younger.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to lift years of stain from your healthy tooth enamel. This safe and effective cosmetic treatment helps your teeth look younger and several shades whiter in just a few easy steps. Even if your teeth are dark by nature, professional teeth whitening can safely brighten your natural enamel to look whiter – just the way you wished it always had been.

At-Home Professional Whitening

Each of our whitening kits consists of a custom fitted whitening tray and prescription strength whitening gel. The tray is worn at home for one hour each day, for 10-14 days. Results are typically visible within the first few days. 

Whitening is Perfect for Teeth With:

  • Coffee or tea stain
  • Discoloration caused by tobacco products
  • Naturally dark enamel
  • Medication induced stain
  • Stain accumulated over the years

Who is a Candidate?

Dr. Held will need to first examine your teeth to ensure that you are free of tooth decay or other types of oral infections prior to beginning a whitening treatment. We may also suggest whitening if you are planning to have any type of tooth colored restorations such as crowns, bridges, or composite fillings.

Our professional home whitening kits are more effective than over the counter products and more cost-effective as well. Your trays can be kept for the rest of your life, and periodic touch-ups throughout the year will help your results last for years. Ask about having whitening trays made at your next visit with us!


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