Dental Bridges and Crowns

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Fixed Dental Bridges in Indianapolis

Our fully comprehensive crowns and bridges are some of the most reliable ways to preserve your smile and extend the health of your teeth. Each one of our restorations is made of durable porcelain materials that withstand normal daily wear while looking great the entire time. Not only do they restore your smile to it’s natural function, our crowns and bridges resemble the closest thing to natural teeth. 

Full Coverage Crowns

Crowns are typically recommended on teeth that have:

  • Been treated with a root canal
  • Large fractures
  • Severe decay
  • Large fillings that need to be replaced

Sometimes called “caps,” dental crowns are full coverage restorations that encapsulate the entire surface of the tooth above the gumlines. It prevents the underlying enamel from breaking apart and distributes chewing pressure evenly across the entire tooth. Having a crown completed usually takes two appointments. At the first one, Dr. Held will prep the tooth and take an impression. We use the impression to fabricate a permanent, custom crown and place a temporary crown over the tooth while the new one is being made. Within 10-14 days your new crown will be ready to be bonded permanently into place.

Fixed Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a restoration that spans from one healthy tooth to another, with 2 or 3 false teeth suspended between two functional crowns. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth and preserve healthy tooth positioning. They are recommended for replacing teeth only when there are healthy teeth on adjacent sides of the missing tooth. Having the bridge fabricated and delivered is very similar to the process used for dental crowns, usually requiring two separate appointments.

Did you know that crowns and bridges could also be used on dental implants? To find out more about which restorative option is perfect for your smile, schedule an exam with Dr. Held today.


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